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Simha team at the Arnold Sports Festival

Premium Holistic Supplements

POPULAR: Himalayan Shilajit with Nano Gold


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Simha Life Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Pure Himalayan Shilajit
with Nano-Gold

Boost Energy | Revitalise body & mind

Subscription bundles

Select our curated supplement bundles formulated in-house by the Simha Team.

Simha Life Man Alpha Bundle
Boost testosterone | Increase Cognitive Functions | Maintain Optimum Physique
Daily optimizer
Ease Anxiety | Help Control Stress | Calm The Nervous System
Simha Sleep Complete
Achieve a deeper fuller sleep | Wake up feeling rested | (New) СBD with liposomal melatonin
Simha Life Ultra Premium CBD Oil

Why Simha?

Grown and produced on our organic permaculture farm and lab in Tuscany.

We have crafted a unique cold-pressed СBD oil using ancient Ayurvedic techniques and cutting-edge technology to retain the hemp plant’s complete phytochemical complex; harnessing the unadulterated terpenes, waxes, bioflavonoids & Сannabinoids in its natural structure as found in nature.

Our unique extraction method ensures a great natural hemp taste & higher bioavailability (you need less, and it’s more effective).

Simha Trust Pilot

Sleep Complete is a game changer! I used to be a very light sleeper and wake up several times in the night.. Now i get the deepest sleep i’ve ever had. This has also helped my body and mind recover and i look and feel so much better.” Graham


How much СBD should I take?

We recommend everyone to start from a few drops, see how they feel and work their way up. Everyone is different and is affected slightly differently.

Is shilajit only for men?

Shilajit balances the hormones in women, helps with anxiety and works wonders for the skin. Men & women can take shilajit. Children and elderly people should take half of the dosage.

Can shilajit be taken empty stomach?

According to feedback from our customers taking SIMHA Shilajit first thing in the morning with water on an empty stomach is optimal for energy production. Another great way to consume Simha Shilajit is in the evening with a few pipettes in a glass of warm water, which helps the body, nervous system and muscles to relax.

Can I add or remove products from my subscription?

Your subscription is totally flexible, you can add or remove products to find what really works for you.

Is there a minimum term for subscriptions

There is no minimum term, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time yourself on this website.

Kazz Singh
Simha exhibiting at the Arnold Sports Festival

Rosie with her СBD oil