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Cordyceps are found high in the pristine pastures of the Himalayan mountains. This rare and intricate fungus and caterpillar complex have been used in ancient medicine for centuries across the region, renowned for giving the people of the Himalayas their super strength and long-lasting life. This helps increase performance and fitness levels. Cordyceps otherwise known as Yarsa Gumba has the power to fix a host of health problems and is commonly used to fight fatigue and boost strength.

Try using Cordyceps with Shilajit to optimise the ATP functions.


  • Promotes heart health
  • Anti inflammatory 
  • Boosts fatigue
  • Anti-Aging
  • Healthy Kidney function
  • Eliminates symptoms of coughs and colds 

How to use Simha has taken this ancient tonic and created a super supplement that fits into modern life. These easy to take capsules enable you to feel the strength and power of the Himalayas in the comfort of your own home. We recommend taking 2-3 of the 520mg capsules daily. 

Ingredients 100% Cordyceps (520mg) in vegan cellulose capsules.

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